Bses Delhi Online Bill Payment

Bses Delhi Online Bill Payment

There are two main electricity companies in the Delhi city which is known as BRPL (BSES Rajdhani Power Limited) and BYML (BSES Yamuna Power Limited) which provide electricity in all the parts of the city.

BSES Delhi Online Bills Payments

BSES Delhi Online Bills Payments

Many states provide the facility to pay the electricity bill online because they are just found many complain regarding the queues in the electricity office over the period and found many customer complain that they are unable to pay the amount as Bses electricity online bill payment is not available. So in the Delhi city, you also got the facility for Bses online bill payment over the year which provides the facility to pay your electricity bill any time.

Bses Delhi online bill payment method save your time because in this you don’t need to go to electricity offices and don’t need to wait in the long-long queues. So it is more preferred method by the consumers.

Process of the BSES Online Bill Payment

While getting to know the process of bses online bill payment, you get to know your CA number of your bill which is printed on the bill which you received on your door provided by any employee of the bses. You should have to follow these steps -:

  1. Just click here for going the official bses website just click here.
  2. Enter your BSES CA number on the page and click on pay now.
  3. It will take you the information of your bill and give option too for choosing your payment mode.
  4. Choose your payment mode. Select your mode by which you want to pay your bill amount.
  5. Just fill yours all the detail and it will re-direct you to the payment gateway. Your payment will be authenticate by your related bank means you paid by credit card then you will get to authenticate by the related bank and your account will instantly debited with the amount. Now a day one more security check is working that it required a unique code which you get on your registered mobile number of that card.
  6. This is the final step in which you get a reference number after all payment done which is known as Transaction Reference Number. This number and other details are just a acknowledgment of the payment which you done for that bill. It is also show a message that you done the payment successfully.

There are several methods by which you can pay your Bses delhi online bill payment without any harassment of queues.

Payment of Bses Online Bill Payment by Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking

Terms of Payment

  1. In the bses online bill payment, you can use Visa or Master card or Amex Credit card or Diners card or you can pay with Net banking of any bank like PNB, State bank of india, ICICI Bank, Punjab National Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Axis Bank etc. There are many banks in the section.
  2. All banks must have different terms like in IDBI Bank, you have to generate a OTP for payment from your online banking then you have to pay by adding the OTP while payment. So you should take care of these payments.

Note -:

  1. You should pay your Bses online bill payment which you making through credit or debit card before three days from the actual due date as there are many problem can be happen so you should pay it before and try to avoid the late payment surcharge on your bill amount.
  2. In the electricity bill you should take one more thing that the Credit and debit card have a charge of 0.90% on the amount of bill which is debited too while the time of payment but it is applicable only when the amount of the bill is more than Rs.5000.

BSES only allow 4 transaction per month per card means you can only make 4 transaction with a single card per month for bses online bill payment

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