Bses Duplicate Yamuna And Rajdhani Power Electricity Bill In Delhi

Duplicate Bill Of Electricity Of BSES

Hello Readers of Delhi utility bill blog readers, today we want to tell you some more about bses duplicate electricity bill so that you can easily short it out your problems faced due to departments or others.

Today we are going to discuss another problem faced by the consumers which is regarding the bills as many users or consumers faced many problem regarding the bills of electricity like losing the bill, destroy the bill, lost the bill, washed the electricity bill and many other.

Bses Duplicate Yamuna And Rajdhani Power Electricity Bill In Delhi

Bses Duplicate Yamuna And Rajdhani Power Electricity Bill In Delhi

Has you lost your electricity bill or not received the bill some day and face some problems regarding the payment of that bill or for the future reference too? If yes, then this post is only for you. Today we will discuss some method by which you can get you bill back without paying excess. There is a process by which you can get to know amount of your electricity bill and get a duplicate electricity bill of bses so that you can pay the amount without any late charges.

Some Introduction About Bses

Bses is the short form of Bombay Suburban Electric Supply. As you all know that bses is owned by Ambani group which is owned by Mr. Anil Dhirubhai Ambani and they are only the person who takes all the major decision about all the important functions of the bses.

About The Bses Duplicate Electricity Bill

Now without wasting more time we come to our main point which we are going to discuss today which is all about duplicate electricity bill of bses in delhi. It has two methods by which you can get your duplicate electricity bill of bses for knowing all the information about the bill like payments and all other. You can get bses yamuna duplicate bill and bses rajdhani power limited duplicate bill too by these two most used methods.

1st Method is manual bses duplicate electricity bill

In this manual method, you can approach to the regional office of the bese department and request them for a duplicate bill of your electricity bill. They will give you a print out of the bses Yamuna power limited duplicate electricity bill with the help of their records. And they will be happy to help you.

2nd method for online duplicate bill of electricity

In this method, you can get your bses duplicate bill by just accessing a web address and you will get a quick bill of your bses electricity duplicate bill. You can just type the web address and get access a page where you just need to enter your CA number of the electricity bill and you will get your duplicate electricity bill of bses online and can pay according to that generated bill.

You can simply can download and view your bses duplicate bill just by entering your CRN/ CA Number and in the next window you will get to your bill printout in black and white format. You can click on this link for bses duplicate bill online. You can also download the bill in pdf format which is also storable for some future reference.

CRN And CA Number -:

Customer Relation Number is also referring as CRN number and Customer Account Number is known as CA number. It can view in the top side of your electricity bill. When you want new bill then you can find it from previous bills as it always remain constant for every year or month. It means these number assign to a particular house and till then you have that connection then it will remain same for your every bill.

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